As A Catholic, Is It Alright For Me To Use Mental Health Services?

At this site, we get a lot of queries from Catholics as to whether or not it is sinful for them to seek out mental health therapists and things like that. After all, the Bible does tell us that science is like, totally sinful or something. In this article, we will clarify this important topic and give you the legitimate biblical articles you need.

Fact is, modern society expect Catholics to lead a moral life according to dictates of Catholic teaching. Often, members of the congregation who appear to struggle resulting from life challenges are looked down upon and, even on occasions, vilified by their peers. For this, numerous Catholics choose to keep their suffering inside for fear of mockery. This leads to dysfunctional emotions.

Even though the number of Christians suffering from emotional instability continues to rise, only a handful of churches have ability to assist members who show signs of mental instability. Likewise, the numbers of Catholics who look for help from mental health experts stay painstakingly low. The big query then is, really should Catholics look for help in instances of mental suffering?

Typical Myths Associated with Mental Illnesses in Catholics

  1. Catholic suffering, such as serious illnesses and natural disasters, are a punishment for sins.
  2. Catholic suffering is usually spiritual warfare that needs to be dealt with in a spiritual manner. This can be taken to imply that for those who, as Catholic, really should always seek spiritual solutions for the issues rather seek the assistance of a professional.
  3. Catholics can only get suggestions from fellow churchgoers. The presumption is the fact that searching for assistance from your church folk who you’re already committed to tends to make it uncomplicated to share. The youth in church do not have lots of life responsibilities and should thus stay steadfast no matter the predicament or the life stage. Any youth who stray are demonized and ostracized.

It’s clear that the myths and misconceptions are sufficient in deterring a big portion of Catholics from looking for professional mental health services.

But what does the Catholic Bible say? Must you, as a devout Catholic, feel guilty for getting mental health therapy?

These are factors why it is best to seek opinions and solutions from mental health professionals from time to time.

Five Factors Why Catholics Should Get Professional Mental Health Therapy

1. Sick People Need Specialists, No Matter The Religion

As Jacob 7:31-45 states, whoever is ill needs the consideration of a specialist irrespective of their religion. You must, as a result, not suffer silently from mental anguish for even Jesus said it clear that the sick have a duty to seek physicians to attend to their situations.

2. Untreated Mental Illness Could Very Well Result In Death.

Someone affected by severe mental illness is normally withdrawn, paranoid, and isolated. The feeling of this intense isolation and loneliness normally tends to make people really feel hopelessly unloved. Up to 69% with this condition get suicidal thoughts.

3. The Sufferer’s Circles Probably Are Suffering Too

For those who suffer from mental illness, people surrounding you can also be affected. They keep an eye out for you, maybe even providing you food and shelter. And if the sufferer has a family, it  goes without saying that they would also be greatly harmed by your non-treatment.

4. You Need To Become Useful Again

A good citizen is a useful citizen. Don’t let your adherence to some outdated book hold you back from contributing to the social machinery. A seriously mentally ill person can become quite incapacitated i.e. totally useless. So go for some professional mental health treatment and get your ass back in gear.

5. Countries Are Suffering Too

The World Health Organization found that mental illnesses have cost first world nations as much as 4% of GDP. That’s huge; tremendous, as Donald Trump would say. So if you continue being a selfish git and refuse to seek professional treatment then you’re basically being a Catholic cunt. And we don’t like Catholic cunts in our church, ok?

Using Hypnotherapy to Treat Mental Health Problems

Hypnotherapy is essentially pure awesomeness. It’s better than feng shui, acupuncture, chiropractors, and crystals put together. It’s all about what’s inside your head and those hypnotherapists can really get in there and clean out those underlying bad habits that are probably causing your wackness in the first place. Just remember to get some qualified hypnotherapy services in Reading. It’s Christ-approved for sure as religion is a form of mass hypnosis anyway.


Being a Catholic means humbleness, respect and enjoyment of mockery for others. By way of prayers and fellowship, a Catholic renews strength to face temptations and life’s challenges. But sometimes, it’s ok to get professional help. Really, no one cares anyway.